angela-phillipsAngela Phillips, RMT, CPMT, CIMT has been practising massage therapy since 2010.  She is a member of the Australian Association of Massage Therapist (AAMT).  Her passion is to make a difference in the lives of her clients, one nurturing touch at a time which led her to set up her business Nurturing Angels.

After refining her skills working with adults, she focussed on becoming a Certified Infant (CIMT) and Paediatric Massage Therapist (CPMT) through the Liddle KidzTM Foundation.  She loves working with children, helping them to reach their full potential. She follows the mantra of Tina Allen, founder of the Liddle KidzTM Foundation, “Children are our greatest gift and should be treated with extraordinary care.”

Angela works with children from 3 weeks of age and older and has undertaken further training in order to work with children with specific needs, including children who have been hospitalised or been diagnosed with a life limiting illness. As a CPMT, Angela uses various methods of respectful approach, meeting children at their level and respecting their personal space. She encourages the importance of professional boundaries, safety guidelines, infection control, and patient privacy.  She has a current Working with Children Check.

Angela’s focus is on sustainability, so at the heart of it, she wants to ensure parents and caregivers are educated in how they can apply nurturing touch in a safe, effective and simple way to be an active participant in the health and wellbeing of their child.

Should you have any questions in relation to the appropriateness of nurturing touch for your child or wish to make an appointment please contact Angela via email or 0419 793 675.